Monday, September 29, 2008

Danger In A Bottle?

Did you know that a bottle can actually kill us? Well, they can. I've read an article from a health magazine regarding this matter. Cans and some plastic containers, such as water and baby bottles, may contains BISPHENOL -A (BPA), a potentially harmful chemical that can leach into our food and drink. Being exposed to BOA increases the amount of estrogent in the body which may cause health problems such as infertility or cancer. How do you tell if plastic bottles and other food storage containers contain BPA, well just turn them over and if your container is polycarbonate, a clear, hard plastic with a #7 recycling code on the bottom and letters PC, then it contains BPA. It is recommended that you buy fresh or frozen produce whenever possible, and heat foods only in glass or ceramic containers, never plastic. If you are looking for a good reusable water bottle, it is recommended that you get the stainless steel versions. Oh, one more thing, polycarbonate plastic is not recyclable. Must get stainless steel water bottle for the children and myself.

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