Saturday, June 12, 2010

Donashi n Sushi

One more week till school re-open.  So far Lily & J.J just stayed on home watch t.v/movie, playstation, turn the house upside-down.  So last Friday, hubby and me decided to take the day off and bring the kids to
Water World.  Lucky for us the weather was fine with only a few dark clouds but it didn't rain till about 4:00 pm.  Sorry but no pictures taken. 

But I have these pictures to share if you.  It looks like sushi but it's not, it's DonaShi from Big Apple.  YES, they now have these in all their outlets (i think)...well dearest hubby bought this at City Mall, 18 pcs in one box.  Aren't they cute and colourful.....yummmmy tooo.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

To Write or Not To Write

Geee... what a terrible blogger i am, no updates for..emmm, let me see, my last post was in, 3 months!!!...always hanging out in FB, that's why...the only thing that i want to do when i'm at home is lay down and watch t.v and SLEEP, SLEEP and more SLEEP...oohhh, how i really wish i could do that (in my dream lah).

Ever since Lily start primary one this year(J.J is still in kinder 2)...our morning will start as early as 5am, 5:30am wake the kids up..this is a struggle for hubby & me and i really mean it. Everybody should be ready by 6:30am and to avoid traffic jam, we have leave the house by 6:40am. So, after all that morning being so busy with work and at the same time doing chores...i hardly have time to switch on the computer. But today, i made an effort to post this..

Monday, February 1, 2010 still there???

YESSS.......i'm here....
just busy with my gardening/orchard in Facebook. 

I've been busy...well sort of...since Christmas 2009
until the first week of January 2010.

Lily is in Primary 1 and J.J is in his final
year in kindergarten. 

When it's the end of the year...
it's all about $$$$...
Christmas presents, school fees, bags,
shoes, school name it, 
but me & hubby managed to pull it off..:-)
**(like other parents out there)**


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