Friday, October 10, 2008

Raya Open House

Most of my muslim colleague are still on raya leave....including my boss. So, in order to make ourselves busy....we went to raya open houses. Oh, the food was wonderful. I purposely skip breakfast so that I can indulge myself with all the yummy food.

On the 3rd day of raya, one of my bestest friend, Pame, called to inform that our 'long lost friend' Jackie, invited us to her raya open house on Saturday @ 7:30 pm (the next day). Hey....why not, it had been ages since we last met her, Pame promised to get back to me after she contacted another bestest friend, Rosie. To make the story short, I fetched Pame in Kibabaing on Saturday and waited for Rosie at Grace Point. With the help of Abang Sikuriti, we arrived at Jackie's apartment at about 7:30 pm. We talked about so many things....reminiscence about the old school days, it was wonderful. Thanks Jackie for inviting us to your house. We had a great time with you and your wonderful family.


Anonymous said...

Wah cora ..bestnya u all together-gether during raya sambil makan biskut raya ..never heard and see jackie for a looonnnggg time lah ..

wendi said...

haii cora, remember me? c jackie apa khabar... yaii tanya khabar org lain pula... saya pun mcm c cay juga looooongggg time tia dingar kabar kamu semua la..


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