Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Hi again, it's only 2 more days to go till Christmas and 8 days till New Year. Talking about New Year, have you achieved what you wish for in 2008? Some would probably just go with the flow and some would make it a habit to list down on what to achieve and be a better/successful person each year.

Some would even put an increment in salary in their list, expect to be promoted to a better post or even get another job (that is if they're working..if not...start searching for job).

Whatever it is........we all just pray and hope for a better world. PEACE


Hi peeps, just for your info. remember about the problem that my dept. is having with the internet line..........well...............the line is still down (since Hari Raya Ooooh). We just been informed that the contractor; who is responsible with the work; is in the process of doing the necessary things and hopefully the line will be fixed by 26/12/2008. I'll be off for my Christmas holidays from 24/12/2008 till 06/01/2009. In the meantime, do please keep sending your commets and I will visit you whenever I can.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Story Of RM30

Wah, we just came back from 1Borneo. Didn't realize that it's already 9pm. We went there about 4 pm after sending J.J to Kinarut, he wanted to stay for the weekend. There's a lot of happenings in 1Borneo...part from SALES. There's free hand/face painting for children and there's this Indian man who is an expert in Chinese, Arabic and Indian calligraphy...very interesting one....sorry didn't take photo of the Indian man but I have these to show you all...

There are a few paintings that you can choose from..Christmas tree, Reindeer, Mistletoe, Santa. Lily chose Reindeer.

After Lily got her painting done, we went to have our dinner at RasaMas. While having dinner, I suddenly remember that the reason I persuaded my hubby to drive all the way here is because I wanted to go to Kamdar....lol....this must be the doing of all the Christmas decorations, Christmas songs and sales...I was distracted. Finish eating, hubby paid the bill and off we go to Kamdar. While walking to the escalator....

Hubby : Yang....jumpa duit!
Me : uhh...?????...jumpa???? (still walking)
Hubby : Ya bah...duit terjatuh...(counting the money)....nah RM30! (...smiling...)
Me : .....(bingung2x lg)....(someone had accidentally dropped RM30 and my husband has just been lucky......o.k.....now I'm just waiting for someone to yell 'Hei! That's my money!.....but it didn't happen....feel sorry for the person)

.....so from there, the three of us went straight to Kamdar.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just Married

I'm suppose to post this yesterday but got so busy with the kids that I forgot all about it.

Congratulations to Maurice & Juinie on their wedding. The wedding reception was held at KDCA on Monday 17/12/2008. It was a lovely reception with cream & green color theme. Took some photos for you...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Out With The Kids

Hi friends, been so lazy these days, didn't even border to do any updates. Today, me & hubby decided to go to Wisma Merdeka with the kids. Even though it's only 10am, almost every car parks are full. People seems to be arriving early for the sale. The kids were so excited when they saw Christmas trees on sales. We've bought one last week, so they're got even more excited to hang the ornaments. Went to Segama just to check out the shops.

On the way back, we stopped at Likas Bay. The beach that was once been left out, has turn into a beautiful/clean place with children's playground. We let the kids play for awhile before heading strait home. We were so tired that we all had a good rest for the whole afternoon.

Some photos taken today...


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