Wednesday, September 17, 2008

4 years old lah ......

Hi everyone,

My mummy is busy at the moment so she let me post this. My name is Jason Joel Johnny and I've just celebrated my 4th birthday on the 15.09.2008...just one day before TYT's b'day. This year, daddy got yam cake for my b'day cake and it was so, sooo yummmmy. I've planned to have some party gifts for my classmates, but since my school close for moon cake festival, mummy said we'll do it next year. Mummy & daddy bought me books and crayons as my b'day present...thank you mummy, thank you daddy..luv you. Let me show you some photos that mummy took...

the b'day cake

together with my sister Ashley & little cousin Vanessa

......hey checkout my new crayons

That's all from me, mummy will be back as soon as she finish her office work. Bye for now.

Jason @ J.J


Anies Azeera said...

Happy Birthday to you Jason. I am sure u had fun on you birthday.

Cay said...

Happy birthday Jason ..from aunty cay hehe


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