Friday, January 30, 2009

House Of Chocolates

Chocolate lovers now can enjoy varieties of chocolates at Cocoa Boutique. You can find Tiramisu, Sesame and even tropical fruit chocolates such as Banana, Papaya, Mango, Pineapple, Coconut and even Durian. I was (with hubby) on my way back to work and it was at the Tg. Aru traffic light that I saw banners and sign board. Then I remembered, I saw the same banners every morning on my way to work, along lintas road (Kolombong to City Mall).

Since it was still lunch time, I asked hubby to go and check the place out. When we arrived, we were greeted by Cocoa Boutique's friendly staff who will show you around and even give you samples of their tasty and yummy chocolates.......if you go there, you should try Curry & Chilly chocolates....very the interesting one, I tell you. I managed to take some photos, but after a few shots, I was told not to.......oooppsss soli boss.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

OMG...Sick Beggar & Now This.......

Hubby decided to fulfil the kids' wishes by taking them to Servay Hypermarket in Likas. We went there last night but before heading straight to Servay, we had our dinner in one of the fast food outlets nearby. My hubby went to make the order while I choose where to sit.

While I was waiting, a middle age man came to our table and said something to me in chinese. He was holding a small blue colour card and when I took a closer look, it was a hospital appointment card. The man was still trying to explain something to me and I just do the 'No, No' sign (since I don't understand a word what he's saying), not until he said the word 'CANCER' and pointed his left leg. I was surprised and felt sorry for the beggar but...if what he's trying to tell me is true, then what is he doing in the fast food outlet (I know he wants money)...but shouldn't he be lying on the hospital bed. I didn't give him any money so he left. When my hubby came to the table, I told him all about it. He said the man went to the counter and asked for free food. I have no idea what happen next, enough with him.
We had to wait for about 10 minutes for our meal to arrive, and when it finally did, I saw something strange with one of the fried chicken......

When I saw it, it was covered with crust and I thought it was only chicken feather. To my surprise, there was this wire stinking out and it look like the one I use to scrub my pots at home...oh dear. Minutes later, I saw the same sick man walked passed the fast food outlet with his head high as if nothing happened.

Gong Xi Fa Cai...Ang Pau Kei Lai

I hope it's not too late to wish you all SIN NIEN KUAI LE & GONG XI FA CAI . We all had a long holiday last weekend and some might be still on leave till end of this week. We had lunch at my FIL's house on 26th and I spent the whole 27th at home...........doing nothing. Hubby took the kids to ang pau hunting on 27th. When they came back, the kids showed me their ang paus and after calculated they each got about RM40.00. Not bad ya! J.J has told daddy what he wanted to, and purse.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What A Blessing....

I know that He lives....
for I saw Him today
in a hand that was offered
to me on my way,
in the warmth of a smile
that was offered to cheer me,
in the touch of a friend
who took time just to hear me.

I heard His voice
in the words of support
whispered to me
when my hope had run short.

Yes, I know that He lives....
for I see how He sends
His love every day...
in the caring of friends.

Friday, January 16, 2009

More Awards

Hurray.....!!!!!...more awards, and this time it's from mummyalyssa...thank you, thank you, thank you. I would like to give these awards to:

Pizza For Breakfast

Masa buat post ni, my boss keluar, so I took the chance to have my breakfast, Nescafe 3 in 1 with makanan ala-ala pizza gitu, complimentary from Pn. Seri a.k.a mummyalyssa....thank you Seri, nanti buat lagi. Seri really loves to bake, banyak sudah dia buat & bawa pigi office kasi kami makan, go to her blog to know what she's been up to. Saya minum dulu..............

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Free Test

Would you like to go for bone density or stress test? Sunlight Pharmacy (opposite Jamilah), 1Borneo, will be holding free test (first 50 customer only) for Osteoporosis and Stress on 17 Jan 2009, @ 1:00pm - 4:00 pm. So, bring your love ones for check-up!
*....just want to spread the news

Monday, January 12, 2009

Le Rêve Dinner & Dance

Le Rêve
Have you ever heard about Le Rêve before???? Le Rêve is French for ‘The Dream’, and was founded in 1988 by Phil and Jenny Hobby operating initially from their rented home in Sydney, Australia. With ten years experience in Direct Selling behind them, their dream was to create a business that would provide an outstanding opportunity for ordinary people to fulfill their own dreams, working with world class health and beauty products (perfumes, aromatherapy & skin care).

The powerful ‘People First’ philosophy around which Phil and Jenny developed the business has created a culture of trust and confidence that saw the business experience phenomenal and sustained growth in Australia. This enabled them to extend their dream across the Tasman to the beautiful country of New Zealand and then to the culturally diverse and bustling dynamo of Malaysia. Today, Le Rêve continues to be a vibrant and rapidly growing Direct Sales organisation and one of the most highly respected within the industry, with thousands of Consultants realising their dreams everyday!
Well, last Saturday night, my husband took charged of the kids as I accompanied my father to Le Rêve Dinner & Dance at Promenade Hotel. The dinner was held to celebrate those who achieved their Directorships (K.K & Keningau district). If you need more information about Le Rêve, check out their web site or for those staying in K.K, you can go to 1st floor, Tanjung Aru Plaza.


Good morning peeps. I was enjoying my 3 in 1 Nescafe (sadap bah tu nescafe time hujan2x ni...;) when I read Mouren's message...I've been tagged.

1. Write your name/identification/username etc.;
2. Write anything using either your left/right hand;
3. Most favorite alphabets;
4. Less favorite alphabets;
5. "The quick brown fox jump over the lazy dog";
6. Tag 6 persons/bloggers

p/s: kepada sesiapa yang kena tag tu, sori lah ya...........

Blog Award

Nokotigog my heart.....received this cute award from Rosie.....thanks Sie. Now I must give this award to 3 bloggers (...why only 3 ooh????), here it goes......

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back To Work

After a long holiday, I'm back to work today. On the way to the office this morning, tu perasaan lain-lain saja (macam baaaaru 1st day pigi There are piles of documents on my desk which I'm very sure wasn't there before I'm off for cuti2x di rumah.......My boss was really happy to see me though...... ;)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Back To School

The kids were getting their school bags and shoes ready for next week. Bought a brand new school shoes, color pencils and etc. for them but the school bags were last year's...since they are still in good condition. They are really excited about going back to school, especially J.J....could not wait until next Monday.

New Hair Cut

Since schools will be opened next week, I decided to bring the kids to the hair salon to get their hair cut done. Both of them behaved very well, so mummy bought lollies as a treat.

My Vase

My dearest buddy, Rosie, bought this vase for my Christmas present and asked me to post it. it is Rosie. I like the color, it matches the wall and especially the curtain.....macam tau-tau ja. I have not decided whether to put flowers or not, at the moment I prefer as it is.

'adui mummy.....adui.....'

Yesterday, dearest hubby took us to Donggongon for breakfast. I couldn't remember the name of the coffee shop but the place is popular for its spicy noodles with fish head but since all the tables were already taken, we went to the next block.

We were doing our own things yesterday afternoon, hubby was doing the cleaning where the 'aramai ti' took place, J.J and Lily was playing with their toys and I was watching t.v when suddenly I heard J.J calling 'mummy, mummy', he was about to cry. I was shocked to see his finger got stuck in between the chainring of his mini car. J.J was crying as I tried to get his finger out from the it and when he saw blood, he cried even louder. J.J refused to be treated and continued crying for about 20 minutes. J.J let Doctor Daddy do the bandage only when we told him that he won't be able to go school with an injured finger.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Wishing you all 12 months of HAPPINESS, 52 weeks of FUN, 366 days of SUCCESS, 8,784 hrs of GOOD HEALTH, 525,660 minutes of GOODNESS and 3,153,660 seconds of JOY. Remember that life is short, so...break the rules, forgive easily, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that make you smile. May 2009 be YOUR year!


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