Monday, September 29, 2008

Family Matters II

I was shocked to receive an sms from my brother at about 7:45 am informing me that my dad took my mum to the ER early this morning, still complain about the headache. I tried to call my dad through his mobile but no answer, probably he's in the ER. I really hate the feeling when you really want to know the outcome and you can not get the person....ah. I called my brother to ask him but he's still in the office and has not call my dad yet. About an hour later, I managed to talk to him, he told me that at the moment my mum is on drip. Have to wait for the specialist. About 11 pm today, my dad called and informed that my mum has been discharged. She's in her 60 so she really needs a good rest at home. Praise the Lord that it's not serious. Thank you Lord.

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