Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You're The Boss

This happened to me today. As I was discussing on some office matters with my c.c, my boss suddenly appeared.....

Boss : Please fill in the movement application form for me. I'll be going to K.L for a meeting this Sunday and be back on Monday. Get me afternoon flight for Sunday & last flight on Monday.

Me : O.k boss...(returned to my office & started filling the necessary forms...oh ya & called the travel agent too)

...conversation with the travel agent

Me : I would like to book one seat, K.K - K.L this Sunday afternoon, is they any seat left?

T/A : Sorry, afternoon flights are all fully booked, but there is one seat at 7 am via Labuan & I will put you on the waiting list for the 12:15 pm flight.

Me : Hai ya, can do lah.

T/A : And coming back is on?

Me : Monday, last flight please.

T/A : O.k, confirm.

Me : Thank you

...about 10 minutes later

Me : O.k boss, I only managed to get you the 7 am flight via Labuan

Boss : (while looking at the application form)......what...7 am....on Sunday!

Me : (confused).....Well, that's the only flight available...but I've put you on the waiting
list for 12:15 pm.

Boss : have golf match on Sunday morning. Get xxxxxx to attend the meeting on behalf of me then.

Me :'re the boss

What I am trying to tell you is......make sport your priority....


Cath Jimai said...

If your bos nampak ni...NAIK PANGKAT lah you corrr... LOL..

Blossom said...

Kalau...if he ask me:-

Boss: O.K, you choose...stay or transfer?


Pamela A. said...

Cor, sanang sajakan dorg suruh org p ganti dia. Golf lagi pentinglah tu. Patutlah makin banyak org gulangasan pasal yg sepatutnya pun nda berdisiplin ni. Haiya!!!!!! hancuss.. Nice blog anyway....


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