Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's Flat!

No, no, it's not flat tire or flat - apartment. Please read through.

It's only 11 am and my tummy is telling me that it needs to be refilled. I've planned to go to the bank in Putatan at about 10 am but there's so many work to be done so I have no choice but to wait until 1 pm. Grrg...grrrg...(my tummy berbunyi).

When I reached the bank, took the number and waited for my turn, lucky me 'coz the next number will be mine. Grrg...grrg...(my tummy again). After the bank, I straight away went to Survey Putatan. I ordered sandwiches with fries and Pepsi from one of the food corner in the building. Thinking that I will certainly going to enjoy my lunch, I sipped my Pepsi doesn't test like the normal Pepsi at all! It's flat.

I called one of their lady staff and asked her if they had mistakenly served me the wrong drink. She went up to the counter to check and came back and told me that it is Pepsi. How can they say it's Pepsi? She was then asked by another staff to go to the counter and when this lady came to me.....

Lady Staff : Miss, sori ya. Tadi saya yang pigi beli tu Pepsi, tapi saya terbeli yang Diet Pepsi, yang tiada gula punya....sori ya.

Since I don't want to spoil my lunch, I just kept quiet. They didn't even bother to offer me other drinks....and it cost me RM3 for the flat Pepsi and RM5.90 for the sandwiches. The next time I make an order, I will say " Pepsi, not flat please'

I just leave it as it is....except the sandwiches. Oh, what a day.


Cay said...

Uinaa cora ..adakah gitu kan main beli2 lagi ..adidi ..mmg kurang asam kan ..

shirley said...

odoi dogo..ko order baru dia p beli?mmm patut dia beli baru la bah kan...

Blossom said...

Tu pepsi memang dia sdh beli awal-awal tp bukan yang biasa tu, yg ada bubbles. Dia beli yang diet pepsi. Yang sy ndak puas hati tu, knp masa sy order diaorang ndak bg tau sy yg ada pun diet pepsi sj.

HoneyBUZZin said...

I can imagine the rumbling sound of empty tummy..
Tersalah kasi baitu..tapi tia mau akun...gitulaa..
Cheers MummyBlossom...forget it!


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