Monday, November 3, 2008


What to wish
What a wish
I lived the wish
That I couldn't wish for
Comfort on frustrating days
Smiles when sadness intrude
Patience to accept the truth
Courage to know myself
Confidence for when I doubt
Faith so that I can believe
Friendships to melt my heart
Hugs when spirit sag
Beauty for my eyes to watch
Rainbows to follow the clouds
And love to complete my life

But what would I wish for
Would I wish to dream
As if I'll live forever
Or live as if I'll die today
Would I wish to live
Or to love first and live incidentally

And to wish is to risk pain
For everything I have wished
That I gained something
But for everything I gain
I lose something

Life is full of wish
I noticed it
Which is a way of holding on
To the things I love
To the things I am
The things I never want to lose
Because one day somehow
My life will flash before my eyes
And I am to make sure
It's worth wishing Nethani Palmani

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