Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Trip To Tawau

About 22 of us from the office were given the chance to go to Tawau last Saturday.....well actually, we were instructed to go to Kunak to visit one of our officer who is suffering from kidney problem.....oh did I mention that we went by road. We left K.K about 7 am, arrived Ranau about 9:30 am, at 11:08 am arrived Telupid, had our lunch at Checkpoint at about 12:30 pm. We were in Kinabatangan at around 2 pm, reached Lahad Datu at 3 pm and arrived Kunak at abou 4:30 pm. We left Kunak about 45 minutes later and only arrived in Tawau at 7:30 pm. It was a one day journey and we were all tired. Since we have to stick to our limited budget, we stayed in one of the budget hotel in Tawau. My last trip to Tawau was two decades ago with my parents so this was a chance that I could and should not resist.

On the second day, we went to Tanjung Pasar Tawau, it's like our wet market in K.K lah. You can find so many things in TPT, especially products from Indonesia. For me, my main objective was to buy Amplang and salted fish.....I also bought some Kedondong & mangoes. Our journey back to K.K was on 13/10/2008. Here are some photos that I took during the trip...

Pasar Besar Tanjung


Busy doing their shopping

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Mouren said...

I visited Tawau on last June. Unbelievable to see Tawau is actually fast growing city. Yes, I did some shopping...they said never leave Tawau without the Indonesia 'krupuk'..Blinjo..Amplang..I forgot the 'tikar' name but I did purchased one.I plan to visit Sandakan soon.."melancong tampat sendiri dulu baru pigi tampat urang lain giaaa.."


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