Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sweet Old Friends

My whole body is still aching from the looong journey. I really need a good massage now.....that's what I long for. I received Rosie's sms on Wednesday regarding another raya open house. The invitation was from Famila Kee, another long lost friend. The last time we met was in 1995/1996 in ITM Menggatal. Sorry I didn't reply your sms credit bah. Rosie got hold of me on Friday and we plan to meet up at Likas Shell station at about 7 pm. When we arrived at the house, some of the gals are already there.....and you know what happen when all the gals are together......we were the loudest group.....the other invitees must be talking about us that nite. Meeting old friends, flashed back the old days, getting the latest news, plus the fireworks display from was a wonderful nite. We plan to hold a gathering in the future. Some photos that were taken that nite....

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