Monday, January 12, 2009

Le Rêve Dinner & Dance

Le Rêve
Have you ever heard about Le Rêve before???? Le Rêve is French for ‘The Dream’, and was founded in 1988 by Phil and Jenny Hobby operating initially from their rented home in Sydney, Australia. With ten years experience in Direct Selling behind them, their dream was to create a business that would provide an outstanding opportunity for ordinary people to fulfill their own dreams, working with world class health and beauty products (perfumes, aromatherapy & skin care).

The powerful ‘People First’ philosophy around which Phil and Jenny developed the business has created a culture of trust and confidence that saw the business experience phenomenal and sustained growth in Australia. This enabled them to extend their dream across the Tasman to the beautiful country of New Zealand and then to the culturally diverse and bustling dynamo of Malaysia. Today, Le Rêve continues to be a vibrant and rapidly growing Direct Sales organisation and one of the most highly respected within the industry, with thousands of Consultants realising their dreams everyday!
Well, last Saturday night, my husband took charged of the kids as I accompanied my father to Le Rêve Dinner & Dance at Promenade Hotel. The dinner was held to celebrate those who achieved their Directorships (K.K & Keningau district). If you need more information about Le Rêve, check out their web site or for those staying in K.K, you can go to 1st floor, Tanjung Aru Plaza.


Cath J said...

Dinner and dance??? Ada ballroom dance lah?? hihihi..

Blossom said...

you know what, they stated the program with chicken dance...of 'coz lah sia x ikut menari...lepas tu diaorg sumazau 'coz ada orang nyanyi lagu kadazan...again sia x ikut...lepas tu sia x tau apa lg sbb sia awal balik....


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