Thursday, June 10, 2010

To Write or Not To Write

Geee... what a terrible blogger i am, no updates for..emmm, let me see, my last post was in, 3 months!!!...always hanging out in FB, that's why...the only thing that i want to do when i'm at home is lay down and watch t.v and SLEEP, SLEEP and more SLEEP...oohhh, how i really wish i could do that (in my dream lah).

Ever since Lily start primary one this year(J.J is still in kinder 2)...our morning will start as early as 5am, 5:30am wake the kids up..this is a struggle for hubby & me and i really mean it. Everybody should be ready by 6:30am and to avoid traffic jam, we have leave the house by 6:40am. So, after all that morning being so busy with work and at the same time doing chores...i hardly have time to switch on the computer. But today, i made an effort to post this..


Wyne Ren @ Mauve Ocean Blue said...

Same situation I have here too, Cor! Sabar-sabar saja goes on!


HoneyBUZZin said...

here's bz too...
Keep well...glad u like that 'auta' story..hehehe

Blossom said...

hi MK & HB, thanks for droppin by...

jppmom said...

Cor, yer anak sikul mana? 6.40 baru kluar ndk jam kah?

Dewi Aja said...

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