Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hi dear bloggers. Today I have something to show you. It's been going on for weeks now but only today did I decided to post it.
Yes, I'm going GREEN. I'm sure this has nothing to do with 'Incredible Hulk' movie. Eversince I bought the computer monitor accessory, I started to buy anything that is green colour etc. a green mouse pad, green stapler, green far stationeries only lah.

As I was checking out new updates from other bloggers this morning, I was so surprised to see this....

....another GREEN lover, Kak Jun a.k.a yummylicious.


mummyseri said...

sila sebut sprt bersorak...
cora..cora..ijau..ijau... yeyyyyyy
di meja sy ada bakol ijau maa..mau ka?kalo mau sy anta gune pos laju neh.....:P

Blossom said...

hahahhaa...tadi kira mau pinjam tupperware hijau tu, tp seri x bawa...hahahaha


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